EarthScope Northeastern Interpretive Workshop

By ESNO - Fall 2013

Twenty-six interpretive professionals listened intently as Park Ranger Stephanie Kyriazis (photo) relayed the glacial history of Acadia National Park. She explained how the landforms and rocks seen today tell a story of glaciers moving the rocks and shaping the land thousands of years ago. The workshop, held September 16-18, was ninth in a series of workshops hosted by the EarthScope National Office for park rangers, museum staff, and other interpretive professionals. Participants learned geology basics and EarthScope science through expert lectures and small group collaboration.

The highlight was the field trip where they visited a newly installed EarthScope Transportable Array station and hiked through Acadia National Park as Ranger Kyriazis discussed the geologic history of the region. At the end of the workshop, participants (and facilitators) presented what they learned throughout the week. These presentations and activities were designed for use in their own interpretive environments as a way to illustrate both EarthScope science and the northeastern regional geologic history. The next EarthScope interpretive workshop will be in Alaska, with the same goal of educating interpretive professionals, who in turn educate the public on geologic concepts and EarthScope science.