Archived Events

We have compiled all of EarthScope's previous events into the map below. You can filter the type of event you're looking for in the map and description of each event is included with the map along with a link to more information.

2019 EarthScope Final Symposium ( Washington DC):

See the Agenda & the Presentations (PDF) here

2019 EarthScope Final Congressional Luncheon (Washington DC):

See the Agenda & the Presentations (PDF) here

EarthScope Synthesis Workshop (2016-2019):

Location & information can be found here:

EarthScope National Meeting (2005-2017) for description & material

Speaker Series (2008-2019):

Location and information can be found here:

EarthScope Interpretative Workshops (2008-2018) for description & material

EarthScope Scientific Workshops (2005-2015)

2005 EarthScope in the Northern Rockies (Montana State University, Bozeman, MT)

2008 Aseismic Slip, Non-Volcanic Tremor, and Earthquakes Workshop (Sidney, BC)

2010 North American Cratonic Interior in the US Midcontinent Workshop (University of Illinois, IL)

2012 EarthCube End-User Domain Workshop for EarthScope (Tempe AZ)

2013 Four Dimensional Evolution of the Conterminous US Workshop (Denver, CO) The objective of the workshop was to determine if funded projects of EarthScope (and other relevant efforts) can be combined creatively to form an integrated product. Consequently, the workshop was dedicated both to sharing information about the motivation, status, and primary findings of funded EarthScope projects, as well as thinking how to build a framework for future endeavors.

2014 The Future of the Amphibious Array Workshop (Snowbird, UT)

2015 Future Seismic and Geodetic Facility Needs in the Geosciences Workshop (Leesburg, VA)

GeoPRISMS events (2011-2012)

2011 EarthScope-GeoPRISMS Alaska Planning Workshop (Portland, OR)

2011 EarthScope-GeoPRISMS Science Workshop for Eastern North America (Bethlehem, PA)

2012 EarthScope-GeoPRISMS Planning WorkShop for the Cascadia Primary site (Portland, OR) The Cascadia margin is one of the selected GeoPRISMS primary sites for the Subduction Cycles and Deformation (SCD) Initiative and the focus of the ongoing joint EarthScope-GeoPRISMS Cascadia Initiative (CI). The first phase of the CI Amphibious Array _ including both the offshore and onshore deployments - is complete. Data from the onshore deployment already are flowing and those from offshore should become available in 2012. With many other onshore and offshore research efforts in process or planning stages, it is timely to hold a workshop to build synergies among communities, disciplines, and agencies with scientific interests in the area. This workshop will take as its starting point the Cascadia SCD portion of the GeoPRISMS Science and Implementation Plans and the EarthScope Science Plan. The goals of the workshop will be to clarify common research objectives within Cascadia, addressing the range of interacting tectonic, magmatic, and surficial processes acting along the convergent margin, and to update implementation plans and timelines for GeoPRISMS and EarthScope research considering available resources and infrastructure.

EarthScope Institute Events

2010 EarthScope Institute on the Spectrum of Fault-Slip Behaviors (Portland, OR)

2011 EarthScope Institute on the Lithosphere Asthenosphere Boundary (Portland, OR) The lithosphere is fundamental to the definition of tectonic plates and continents, and yet its dimensions, origins and evolution are still poorly understood. New observations at the interface between the strong lithosphere and weak asthenosphere hold clues as to the thermal, mechanical and chemical variations that create this boundary. Data from the EarthScope Facility have provided a wide variety of observations of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB), some of which lead to conflicting interpretations that confound the classical view of the lithosphere as a thermal boundary layer. This workshop brought together seismologists, dynamicists, experimentalists and petrologists to integrate these new observations into a new conceptual understanding of the LAB and to develop new ideas about Earth's dynamic behavior that give rise to this feature. 

2014 EarthScope Institute: Geochronology and the Earth Sciences (Vancouver, BC)

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Locations of some past events