EarthScope National Office

Staff of the ESNO at the University of Alaska Fairbanks; back row (L to R): Beth Grassi, Jeff Freymueller, Elisabeth Nadin, Jessica Larsen, Carl Tape. Front row (L to R): Samantha Slease, David Fee, Veselina Yakimova and Maїté Agopian.
Staff of the ESNO at the University of Alaska Fairbanks; back row (L to R): Jeff Freymueller (Director), Elisabeth Nadin (Director of Education), Jessica Larsen (Co-PI), and Carl Tape(Co-PI). Front row (L to R): Beth Grassi (Science Writer/Public Information Officer), Samantha Slease (Office Manager), David Fee (Co-PI), Veselina Yakimova (Social Media Coordinator) and Maїté Agopian (Education & Outreach Coordinator).

The EarthScope National Office (ESNO) was a rotating, university-based organization that facilitated scientific planning and coordinated education and outreach efforts for the EarthScope community. The ESNO also organized the EarthScope National Meeting and several scientific workshops held throughout the year. The EarthScope Observatories were operated and maintained as a collaborative effort by UNAVCO, Inc., and the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS). The first EarthScope National Office was located at Oregon State University (2007-2011) under the direction of Anne Trehu, the second at Arizona State University (2011-2015) under the direction of Ramon Arrowsmith, and the third at University of Alaska, Fairbanks Geophysical Institute (2015-2019) under the direction of Jeff Freymueller.


Support for the EarthScope Steering Committee and all subcommittees and/or working groups

Schedule and provide logistical support for meetings

Schedule and provide logistical support for regularly scheduled teleconferences

Assists in development and distribution of pre-meeting materials

Produce and distribute minutes for meetings and teleconferences

Implement ESSC and NSF recommendations

Support and facilitate EarthScope Synthesis Workshops

Bring researchers together in a working setting to foster integration of EarthScope science

Foster multidisciplinary working groups and communities

Assists in development and distribution of pre-meeting materials

Encourage participants to aim for review or synthesis papers as tangible workshop outcomes

Linking scientific Synthesis to Education and Outreach activities

Represent EarthScope at scientific and educational conferences

Maintain informational booth at AGU and GSA meetings

Distribute EarthScope outreach materials and showcase science

Hold meetings/workshops coincident with National/regional professional meetings


Refresh and maintain the EarthScope web site to highlight key science, education, and outreach results dynamically

Continue and expand EarthScope social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to quickly and effectively communicate EarthScope and related items of interest to the community

Oversee publication of inSights, the EarthScope newsletter (quarterly) summarizing

Recent activities that further EarthScope science, education, and outreach

Issues that concern the community

Facilitate the organization and implementation of the EarthScope Speaker series

Provide opportunities for community planning

Involve and excite the growing EarthScope community

Oversee maintenance and use of the EarthScope listserve to the current high standards

The EarthScope program of the National Science Foundation was served by the EarthScope National Office from 2007-2019, with the establishment of the first ESNO at Oregon State University in 2007. The ESNO served as a hub for EarthScope scientific, educational, and outreach activities. The ESNO worked together in a partnership with the operators of the EarthScope Facility, the EarthScope Steering Committee, NSF, and the scientific community. Since 2007, the ESNO has been located at Oregon State University (2007-2011), Arizona State University (2011-2015), and University of Alaska, Fairbanks Geophysical Institute (2015-2019).


Arizona State University 2011 to 2015

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Arizona State University maintained the second EarthScope National Office, led by PI Ramon Arrowsmith. Front Row (L-R): Matt Fouch (CoPI), Ed Garnero  (CoPI), Ramon Arrowsmith (PI), Steve Semken  (CoPI), Patrick Schwab (Educational Assessment specialist). Back Row (L-R): Leah Pettis (undergraduate student worker), Sarah Robinson (Education and Outreach Manager), Devon Baumback (media specialist), Cindy Dick (Program manager), Wendy Bohon (bibliography and social media specialist), Javier Colunga (IT support).


Oregon State University 2007 to 2011

The first ESNO was established at Oregon State University under the direction of Anne Trehu and Bob Lillie (Education and Outreach Manager), in the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences and Department of Geosciences.