Education Corner: Final inSights Issue

Map: Locations of the EarthScope Speakers Series Host Universities over the length of the program.

Sharing Science through the EarthScope Speaker Series

by The EarthScope National Office

While more lectures are being given until May, we can already say that The EarthScope Speaker Series was a successful part of the larger EarthScope Education and Outreach program. Between 2008 and 2019, 55 speakers were selected for their outstanding research accomplishments involving EarthScope as well as their abilities to engage a variety of audiences. These speakers traveled extensively to share their cutting edge scientific results with faculty and students at colleges and universities across the U.S. as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Overall, 210 institutions will have hosted an EarthScope lecturer by the end of the program. Feedback has been extraordinary, highlighting how much each institution benefited from top-notch lectures in departmental seminars, as well as the opportunity to network with graduate and faculty members. Some institutions also organized public conferences and events in nearby museums or pubs, expanding awareness of the EarthScope program even more.

The EarthScope National Office would like to officially thank one more time each of the speakers who took time out of ever-busy schedules to travel on behalf of EarthScope, sharing their work and passion, clearly inspiring a whole new generation of scientists (affiliations listed below are from when each person participated as a speaker):

Dr. Judith Chester (Texas A&M University), Dr. Matthew Fouch (Arizona State University), Dr. Tim Melbourne (Central Washington University), Dr. Susan van der Lee (Northwestern University), Dr. George Zandt (University of Arizona)

Dr. Ramon Arrowsmith (Arizona State University), Dr. Emily Brodsky (University of California, Santa Cruz), Dr. Gene Humphreys (University of Oregon), Dr. Robert Smith (University of Utah), Dr. Mark Zoback (Stanford University)

Dr. Kaj Johnson (Indiana University), Dr. Meghan S. Miller (University of Southern California), Dr. Gary Pavlis (University of Southern California), Dr. Harold Tobin (University of Wisconsin–Madison), Dr. Steven Wesnousky (University of Nevada–Reno)

Dr. William Ellsworth (U.S. Geological Survey), Dr. James Evans (Utah State University), Dr. Lucy Flesch (Purdue University), Dr. Terry Plank (Columbia University), Dr. Bridget Smith-Konter (University of Texas at El Paso)

Dr. Bob Butler (University of Portland), Dr. Graham Kent  (University of Nevada), Dr. Kristine Larson (University of Colorado Boulder), Dr. Matt Pritchard (Cornell University)

Dr. Corné Kreemer (University of Nevada, Reno), Dr. Michael Oskin (University of California, Davis), Dr. Ken Ridgeway (Purdue University), Dr. Mousumi Roy (University of New Mexico), Dr. Anne Sheehan (University of Colorado Boulder), Dr. Ben van der Pluijm (University of Michigan)

Dr. Anne Egger (Central Washington University), Dr. Anna Kelbert (Oregon State University), Dr. Vedran Lekic (University of Maryland), Dr. David Schmidt (University of Washington), Dr. Mark Simons (California University of Technology)

Dr. Adrian Borsa (Scripps Institute of Oceanography), Dr. Reed Burgette (New Mexico State University), Dr. Heather DeShon (Southern Methodist University), Dr. Melodie French (University of Maryland), Dr. Fan-Chi Lin (University of Utah)

Dr. William Hammond (University of Nevada Reno), Dr. Maureen Long (Yale University), Dr. Diane Moore (U.S. Geological Survey), Dr. Steve Semken (Arizona State University), Dr. Amanda Thomas (University of Oregon)

Dr. Julie Elliott  (Purdue University), Dr. Karen Fischer (Brown University), Dr. Rebecca Flowers (University of Colorado Boulder), Dr. Beth Pratt-Sitaula (UNAVCO/Central Washington University), Dr. Carl Tape (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Dr. Colleen Dalton (Brown University); Dr. Chris Marone (Pennsylvania State University); Dr. Diego Melgar (University of Oregon);  Dr. Melissa M. Moore-Driskell (University of North Alabama); Dr. Basil Tikoff (University of Wisconsin–Madison).


Dr. Julie L. Elliott presenting an overview of GPS sites she uses part of her EarthScope project at Millersville University, PA, October 2017.

EarthScope Legacy Education and Outreach Synthesis Virtual Workshop

May 10, 2019

Save the date! There will be an EarthScope Legacy Education and Outreach virtual workshop on Friday, May 10. If you have done outreach as part of your EarthScope research, or have material that you developed to share with teachers and/or informal educators, please consider participating in this workshop. 

There will be more information sent out over the EarthScope list serve as we get closer to the event.

If you have questions, email Carla McAuliffe