USArray - Alaska Deployment Planning

Terry Pavlis, UTEP - Spring 2013

On February 19 and 20 approximately 50 geoscientists met at the Pacific Geoscience Center in Sydney, British Columbia, to discuss objectives for the planned Alaskan phase of EarthScope. Because this was an international collaboration, the workshop primarily focused on science and logistical issues that cross the US-Canadian border. The conference reviewed the status of EarthScope in the lower-48 as well as recent science results in Alaska and northwestern Canada. The science focus was naturally northern Cordilleran-centric with presentations ranging from the active tectonics of the modern margin to the Paleozoic and Mesozoic tectonics of the region. The breakout groups discussed issues ranging from major science questions, to Education and Outreach opportunities, to logistical challenges of this environment. The breakout groups reported summaries of their discussions to the entire group for a broader discussion.

There was general excitement in the group about the potential for major advancements in northern Cordilleran science through EarthScope activities and hope for close collaboration among groups in both countries. A white paper will be released soon.