PBO Multiple Monument Comparison Project

By UNAVCO - Summer 2013

PBO Change Order 35 authorized UNAVCO to construct two additional geodetic monuments at five existing PBO stations in order to test and compare the long-term stability of various monument designs, including pillar, short drilled braced and singlemast monuments, under near-identical geologic and tectonic environments. To be cost effective, these installations were designed to use stations with existing PBO deep drill-braced monuments, which are considered to be the most stable and are the most expensive of all monuments currently used for PBO. Proposed sites will provide a variety of geographic and geologic conditions, including alluvium and bedrock. In addition to standard long-baselines generated by the PBO Analysis Centers, the UNAVCO development and testing group will perform short-baseline processing using the GAMIT/GLOBK software and make the results available on the UNAVCO website. Preliminary kinematic baselines have been generated utilizing the TRACK software.

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